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Become a pro saltwater fisherman and learn different “sea fishing” techniques for catching both big and coastal fish with Worldwide Fishing app! Watch videos of the best fishermen in the world giving away their secret techniques for catching the trophy fish!


  • More than 400 videos of experienced fishermen fishing worldwide!
  • America – tropical waters of Florida, Gulf of Mexico, Gulf of California and more!
  • Australian reef fishing, estuaries and shallow water fishing and beach fishing!
  • Bahamas, Bermudas, Hawaii and more exotic fishing locations!
  • Best tips for catching a big-game fish: swordfish, sailfish and all kind of sharks!
  • Learn how to catch tarpon, dorado and bonefish!
  • Discover different types of fishing: spinning, bait and live bait fishing!
  • Fly and sight fishing, trolling from boat and much more!
  • Learn how to choose the best sea fishing equipment!
  • Find out which are the most famous sea fishing spots around the world and best boat charters!
  • Best fishing tips for locating fish!


Saltwater angling tactics – get all the latest (as well as some more traditional) tactics for improving your sea angling trips. Aimed at both beginners and advanced fishermen alike, you’ll find something to try whether out on the beach or afloat on a boat!


Deep sea fishing, sometimes called sport or big game fishing is a form of fishing in which people angle for large open-ocean fish species, like tuna, shark, and swordfish. This type of fishing is meant to be enjoyable, in that fighting big game fish can be a real challenge, and it also provides a source of food, depending on whether people keep or release their catch. Deep sea fishing is practiced in many regions of the world, and it is often possible to charter a boat for sport fishing if you are visiting or living in a coastal community.


The goal with deep sea fishing is to travel far enough away from land so that fishermen reach deeper parts of the ocean, giving them access to fish species which only live in the open ocean. Big game fish like the open ocean because it provides them with lots of room and lots of prey, and some fishing grounds may be teeming with such fish, especially if they have been well-managed. Often, a deep sea fishing expedition will travel beyond the sight of land to reach prime fishing grounds.


Once the boat arrives on site, a number of techniques can be used to fish. Some people like to use nets, while others prefer to spread bait in the water to attract fish, and to hook them individually. Spear fishing is also possible with some species. In all cases, fishermen have to be strong and quick on their feet because big game fish can escape in the early stages of the process. This fight for the fish is the enjoyable part of the experience in the eyes of many sport fishermen.


Going on a fishing charter can be an enjoyable experience for people who like fishing and being out on the water. Many charters provide all of the equipment people will need, although it is also possible to bring your own gear, and the crew will support the fishermen as they quest for fish.


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